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You don't need to be told that our globe gurgles with grim gripes. But be gratified that you are granted a website which gallops to grasp the gamut  (and beyond, Buzz). And this is it!

This rampant result of rigorous research condenses every crucial consideration in conquering the conflagrated crises condemning us. Even so, it's been so carefully and considerately constructed as to ensure that mum/dad can remain fully capable of operating, enjoying and being thoroughly thankful for it. (Don't mention it!)

There are no limitations (but beware of imitations)!

The links, to the left, indicate (all too clearly!) the fundamental categories into which we've been able to assign all and each of civilisation's primary problems, and such solutions as our studies have rendered us able to suggest, and supply. Again, please, don't mention it!

The infinitely intuitive interface is unique to our unguent, so don't settle for second-stringers. Such situations are surely sufficiently serious? Remember, everything that you need is here, ready and awaiting your tremulous attentions.

Brace yourself, now, to plunge into the metaphysical beyond (or at a minimum, make an appointment).

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