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Note:    By perving into this page you tacitly acknowledge complicity.

And I can only approve - it's time you did your bit. Kindly remember that we've already taken care of neglected trombonists, compulsive form-filler-inners and others too numerous to mention (e.g.: women). So shoo! Off my case! (Which would just about solve the balance, actually).

Let's stipulate, for sticklers ... It's no good spouting solutions (however rare and refined) willy-nilly. Historically it renders our foremost forum incapable of the lasting logic which it warrants. In place of that we need leadership by the leading experts. And for no longer than they remain so, be that 20 years or 20 minutes. What could be better?

Identifize this

We want debate unindebted to any amount of opinion, majority or minority, unless there's no other way to resource a resolution. And those are more plentiful than it's PC to postulate. Sure, if I hit you first, you can hit back. Else, if you want anything from me, persuade me or bow out.
For further detail on implementing this globe-turning goal refer to Hindestein's seminal paper: The Generous Theory of Financial Relativity, published by Lyrak Associates (click here, or avoid delays and simply send munificent monies to our fighting fund.)  Yes!  May I please submit sums of money!